Will the work affect me?

The project is committed to minimising effects on the local community and ensuring that residents are kept informed of our proposals throughout the planning and construction stages of the project.

Visual impact and noise
Modern design technologies and materials will be used to minimise the visual impact, and also contain noise during operation.  Noise will be continually monitored during the construction and operational phases in accordance with the local authority's requirements.  The onshore cables in both countries will be buried underground or concealed and will therefore not be visible.

Traffic management and mitigation measures will be in place throughout the construction phase.  A new access road will be built to the converter site station off Brock Lane to accommodate larger delivery vehicles. Perimeter and internal roads will be used for regular access and a number of dedicated car parking spaces will be provided for site use.

In Norway, there will be some heavy transport of materials from the excavation of the tunnel for the onshore cable between Strandanes and Helganes.   A new picnic area will be established, there will be extended traffic to the construction site in Kvilldal during the construction period.

Natural environment
National Grid North Sea Link Limited has undertaken detailed assessments of the potential environmental effects. Works will be timed to minimise effects on sensitive and protected wildlife.

A picture of an off road dumper truck