Marine impact in Norway

It has been concluded that the optimum route for the offshore cable is through the fjords from the Stavanger area to Hylsfjorden. Several studies have been undertaken to ensure a complete picture of the seabed and the maritime environment is known.

All the studies have concluded that the seabed provides a suitable environment for cable installation. The cable will be buried into the seabed for protection where necessary.

Other studies focusing on the potential effects the cable might have on local industries, such and tourism and fisheries, have also concluded that the cable does not pose any challenges.

It is very important to ensure that fish stocks and any other animal life are not affected by the cable. Any fisheries operating in the area of the cable have been consulted in the planning process and are supportive of the project.

In terms of recreation and tourism, the cable installation will be carried out as quickly as possible and will not have any impact once in place.