Norway - Onshore cable

The onshore cable in Norway will start its route at Hylsfjorden and run through a micro tunnel and a conventional tunnel between Hylsfjorden and lake Suldalsvatnet.

The cable will then be submerged across Suldalsvatnet and further be placed in a trench that runs from the shoreline to the power station.

During the application process for the interconnector Statnett assessed multiple potential locations for both the onshore cable route and the converter station site.

Following these assessments, Statnett selected the onshore cable route which has the least impact on its surroundings and is cost effective.

During the process of deciding the cable route, Statnett evaluated several factors, including: traffic disturbance; protected areas; populated areas; and sources for drinking water.

There are cultural heritage areas nearby the converter station and in the vicinity of the onshore cable route. The project management is aware of the issue and experts on cultural history and preservation have been involved to ensure that any discoveries of cultural heritage are handled in the correct manner.